“Choose from our Fully Customisable range of products – all our electric blinds are powered by a XYZ motors and we offer a wide range of controls and smart home options.  Join the smart sun-blinds generation today.”

A Fully Customisable Range

Build an electric blind to your exact specifications with additional control and cassette options including anthracite grey and white. Free fabric samples available for all fabrics – sent within 2 working days.

Cassidy's Wooden Blinds - Modern Minimalist

Works with Alexa & Google

Google assistant? Take a look at our advice page for Google or Alexa where you can find instructions for linking your blinds to either the Somfy TaHoma (Alexa & Google) or Connexoon (Google) home automation hubs.

Smart Blinds Alexa and Google

Benefits of Motorisation

With electric blinds and curtain tracks, enjoy comfort and privacy with the push of a button. Fabrics look better for longer thanks to less handling and smoother operation, and timed/sensor activated blinds make your home appear occupied while away.

Phone Control Window Blinds

Easy Living

Set your electric blinds to open early on work mornings, all your living room lights to switch off at bed time, and open your garage door from the comfort of your car with just a tap on your phone. A Somfy smart home system takes care of those little every day jobs. It can even monitor light and temperature levels in your home, giving you the freedom to focus on more interesting things in life.

Smart Blinds

Tell your electric blinds to open or close with Amazon’s Alexa! By integrating with Somfy’s TaHoma Home Automation System you can connect all your Somfy Smart home devices directly with Amazon’s Alexa or Echo and allow voice control of your smart home. When you give Alexa a command, it’s passed to TaHoma which then communicates with your electric blinds or smart home products.

Technology Home Smart Phone

" The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life. "

Bill Gates, CEOMicrosoft

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