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Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds
LL_Pleated_TwilightESP_Cornflower (1600x1067).jpg
LL_Pleated_Cirro Spc Lemon Sorbet_cmyk (1067x1600).jpg
Galaxy asc Blackout Silver
Hive Blackout Black 2
Hive Blackout Black
Hive Blackout Green 2
Hive Blackout Green 3
Hive Blackout Green
Hive Blackout Iron
Hive Matrix Blackout Brick
Hive Plain Barley
Hive Matrix Teal
Hive Plain Cream
Hive Silkweave Elephant
Hive Silkweave Raven Hive Blackout Iron
Infusion asc Azure 2
Infusion asc Azure
Infusion asc Cream
Infusion asc Ivory
Infusion asc Kiwi
Infusion asc Micro Cream 2
Infusion asc Micro Cream 3
Infusion asc Micro Cream 4
Infusion asc Micro Cream
Infusion asc Micro Taupe
Infusion asc Micro White 2
Infusion asc Micro White
Infusion asc Purple
Infusion asc Raspberry
Infusion asc Rustic 2
Infusion asc Rustic
Infusion asc White
Mineral asc Fawn 2
Mineral asc Fawn 3
Mineral asc Fawn 4
Mineral asc Fawn
Premier Dolphin
Premier Steel Blue
Ribbons asc Blue
Ribbons asc White 2
Ribbons asc White
Vine&Butterfly Spring 2
Thumbs db
Vine&Butterfly Spring

Pleated blinds combine the key elements of flexibility, design and performance that sets them apart from other blinds. Choose these to provide a true focal point to any room or to provide the necessary control for heat and light in a conservatory or atrium.

Available to fit into a variety of window and door systems, Louvolite selects only high quality materials when making its fabrics to ensure you get the ultimate performance from your blind.

The ability to furnish awkward or difficult window shapes makes pleated performance blinds a popular choice in conservatories to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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